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Energy Diversity Group

"Giving You The EDGe"



Building Envelope

The building envelope refers to the infrastructure or your physical location.  Through the ​​ENERGY AUDIT, Our LEED Certified Professional will uncover opportunities to reduce your costs by recommending energy efficient solutions.

Consumption Process

Our engineers will conduct a walk through of your facility and discuss how, when, and why you use electricity.  Opportunities to receive tax credits, incentives, and even earn revenues can be identified through this process.

Energy Services

Our Certified Energy Advisors use their expertise to uncover savings through the purchase of electricity and natural gas service contracts​​.  We vet multiple providers so we can closely align our clients with the best match for their business and consumption profile.


We are ​COMMITTED to providing energy management solutions that will reduce all energy costs, directly impacting our customers' bottom line.  Reductions in consumption translate to conservation.  Conservation is our mission.  Our efforts impact our community and our environment simultaneously.  Partner with us so we can impact our world together. 

Our team of ​EXPERTS are LEED Certified Professionals with multiple years of experience ready to advise our clients on all energy related matters from energy procurement to upgrading lighting retrofit.  With sustainability as our STANDARD, we implement and monitor projects that reduce consumption and increase dollars in your pocket.   

WE DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY.  As energy efficiency advisors, our main focus is to reduce costs whether it is through reducing consumption or reducing/eliminating energy related expenditures.  We start by performing an ENERGY AUDIT  to determine maximum potential savings/earnings for our clients.  Upon completion of projects, we install a measuring tool to calculate savings.





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To apply for a job with EDGE Energy Consultants please send a cover letter together with your resume to: pjbroussard@icloud.com

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